One-Page Summary Criteria

1. Team/Introduction

List all team members’ first and last names.

2. Big Problem

What’s the big problem being solved and why should the audience care?

3. Solution

What is the solution to the problem being addressed?

4. Target Market

Who is being sold to? Who is the end user of the product?

5. Why Now?

Why does the idea work for the chosen market right now?

6. Why You?

What makes you the right person to get the job done? What makes your team members uniquely qualified?

When your team is selected as a finalist, you will be expected to present a six-minute pitch.

For more competition rules, click here.

All submissions must be size 11 or 12 font, with one-inch margins. Please keep all of your content on one page. If you submit any material longer than one page, the judges will only read the first page.

Questions can be sent to