About edupitch

Missed the callout? Download the slides, or visit https://livestream.com/foundry/edupitch

Do you have an education solution you’ve been wanting to share? We want to hear your idea. This April, SDI Innovations will be sponsoring the first annual edupitch in partnership with the Purdue Foundry and Discovery Park. edupitch is a pitch competition with a focus on education. Let’s work together for the future. Enter edupitch today to get your idea rolling.

The competition will reward business and product pitches from entrepreneurs all over the Midwest to showcase their ideas for solutions in the education market. Ideas will range from early ideation pitches to finished products ready to launch. Some will be tech, some will be old-school; they all will be new and innovative.

  • edupitch is a public pitch competition for any entrepreneur targeting the education market; rules and eligibility information can be found here.
  • Entries must include a one-page summary this document may be uploaded within your account at any time prior to March 1.
  • All entries will be reviewed by judges and finalists will be notified via email by March 19. Finalists will continue to the edupitch event on April 14.
  • If your entry is chosen as a finalist, you must submit your 6-minute pitch deck within your account by April 6.
  • edupitch finals will take place on April 14 at the Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship, 1201 W State Street, West Lafayette, IN 47906. All finalists must be present.
  • $6,500+ in prize money and gift-in-kind prizes awarded!

A pitch is not a complete business plan. A pitch is a brief summary of your idea, and can be explained quickly and clearly. It is also not necessary to have a business plan written in order to create a pitch. More information on what is necessary in your pitch submission can be found here. Please also consider viewing How to Pitch as a guide to get you started. Keep in mind that the winning idea can still be in the early stages of ideation and development and does not need to be a finished product.

Why should I enter?

First of all, there is an opportunity to win cash prizes (listed below)!

Cash Prizes

  • 1st Place – $4,500
  • 2nd Place – $3,000
  • 3rd Place – $1,500
  • Crowd Favorite – $1,000

There are also gift-in-kind prizes from our sponsors that include:

Gift-In-Kind Prizes

  • Heath CPA & Associates services valued at $750
  • Purdue Railyard Co-working Service memberships, valued at $1,000
  • MatchBOX Annual Membership, valued at $400
  • Annual license for LOOK — a software that will allow the user to curate and share relevant Videos, VR & AR resources with a target audience of up to 500 people for training, feedback collection, or marketing – valued at $5,000
  • Technical Review Session from DelMar Software Development, valued at $500
  • Gutwein Law Startup Package, valued at $2,000

Most importantly, you will have an opportunity to network and partner with successful entrepreneurs and investors with established relationships and resources in education. Some of the judges and sponsors come from:

  • SDI Innovations – serving 12,000+ school clients and working in partnership with many innovative people and businesses
  • Purdue Foundry – assisting students, faculty and alumni to quickly market their business ideas; celebrating its 100th start-up business since its founding in 2013
  • Wonder – design tech labs for communities with a goal to create technology-based maker tools to be accessible, adaptable, and approachable for the creators of the future.
  • Deaf Kids Code – promotes technology, computer science, and design thinking skills as an innovative tool to empower deaf/hard of hearing students socially and economically.

Presenting Sponsor:

SDI Innovations

Partner Sponsor:

Purdue Foundry Purdue Discovery Park

Spotlight Sponsor:


Launch Sponsors:

The National Group Paradigm ConsultingGutwein Law

Gift-In-Kind Sponsors:

Matchbox Coworking Studio Purdue Railyard Heath CPA & Associates LOOK

Questions can be sent to questions@pitchedu.com